At Finq they are always very helpfull...
They could help me with the typical questions I had, as a starter: should I establish an LTD or not, what are the advantages and disadvantages, what are the risks I will be facing, what should I insure myself against…
Moreover, they also take into account things you don’t think about!
Steven Van der Heyden - VS-Renovations – customer for 5 years

Starting a company

Are you planning to start a new project? Is it better for you to choose a sole-trader enterprise or a company? It is important that you, as (beginner) entrepreneur, are well informed.
We listen to your story and we guide you step by step. In this way, we ensure a successful start of your company.

We answer questions such as:

  • Making a choice between sole-trader enterprises and companies
  • Choice of the company’s legal form
  • Financial and feasibility plan
  • Organization of your administration & bookkeeping
  • Insurance options
  • Help with personnel recruitment
  • Budget and cost analysis
  • Key figures to follow and guide your activity
  • The mandatory affiliations