Finq NV is recognized by the Flemish Community as External Advisor. Because of that, part of your costs for specific advice projects can be refunded, via the kmo-portefeuille.

How much subsidies are you entitled to?

As for the aspect of advice 30 % / 40 % of the cost (VAT excluded) is taken in charge by the Flemish government limited to 2.500 euro per year.

For who?

  • Self-employed persons, companies and liberal professions. No NGO’s.
  • SME's, no large enterprises
  • Private undertakings (max 25% in the hands of a government agency)
  • Companies with their main activities in NACEBEL
  • Companies with branches in Flanders

How can you ask for the subsidy?

  1. You register on the website of the KMO-portefeuille with your electronic identity card or token.
  2. At the latest 14 calendar days after receiving the advice, you can submit a project request on the website of the KMO-portefeuille.
  3. The Flemish Government has 30 calendar days to approve your project request.
  4. You have 30 calendar days to pay your share of the advice costs.
  5. The amount of the subsidy will be automatically completed by the Flemish Government.
  6. You complete the payment to Finq NV.

Our data

Registration number: DV.A217982
Service: Advice
Recognized since: 18/05/2016
Recognized till: 19/05/2021

Do you still have questions?

More info on KMO-portefeuille : Website KMO-portefeuille
Certificate of KMO portefeuille advice: Download PDF

Call us during office hours, at +32 (3) 449 99 88